Saturday, June 9, 2012

How important is Photography?

Image is everything.
First impressions are the best impressions.
Don't take any wooden nickels...

no, wait.

In my not so humble opinionated opinion, photography is key.
For lots of venues...blogs, etsy offerings, ebay, foodgawker, pinterest.
Today, I'm posting about taking photos of items to be put up for sale.
If your photo is dynamic, people will connect, they will stop and take notice, they will click, they will buy!

Some tips for taking great product shots:

1. Focus, focus, focus!  Blurry shots are distracting and unattractive.
    If you are trying to sell an item, a blurry photo will shoot down most potential clients, it looks   unprofessional and unkempt.  So, if you snap a shot and its blurry, take the time and retake it.
2. Keep your photos uncluttered.  What do I mean by that?  Watch what is in your background.
    Is there anything distracting in the background that will detract from your subject?  For example, notice this photo.  Look at these 3 lovely ladies.  While they are smiling nicely, sitting in some pretty nice light, notice the background.  Some random dude sipping a water bottle.
Not kosher.  Sometimes, this cannot be helped, but in product shots, take notice!

For are taking a photo of a teapot that will be put up for sale on etsy and while the teapot is in focus without any blinding glare...your dirty dishes are stacked up in the background.
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...or one of the kids is walking through the frame.

NO ONE will click "buy" on that teapot.
My advice is to set up a little area in your home where you can have a plain background, such as a clean table pushed up against a plain, painted wall to take photos up against.
Problem solved.

3.  Watch the Lightroom presets, textures and Photoshop actions.
      For some shots, its fine, when used in moderation...sort of like alcohol.
But, when overused, you get sloshy and throw up.
Ok, maybe not, but come on people, lets not muck up your clean shots with some trendy preset just because you think it looks "artsy".  It may look artsy to you, but annoying to someone else.
When you are trying to sell an item, keep the shot clean, clear, sharp.
It will help show an accurate representation of the item for sale, your customers will thank you and they will click!

Hope this sheds some light on product photography, there are many more points Id like to cover.
So stay tuned for more opinionated rantings from your favorite nosher.

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