Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello, my foodie friends!

I apologize for my absence.  We've just moved into our new (to us) house and have been trying to get settled in.  If I took photos of food now, you'd just see stacks of boxes and crumpled newspaper littered all around.  Not pretty.

But....mes amis, soon there will be a post, so epic you'll have to hold onto your socks with both hands while crossing your ankles and scrunching your toes.

Just a little info, the home we bought was build in the 50's and the gentleman that lived here before us was the one and only owner, so it goes without saying that even though this house is the most solidly built house Ive ever lived in, it does need some updating.
Case in point...the blue kitchen....

Dont get me wrong, the sink totally rocks my socks, its staying.
The 60 yr. old formica, brass knobs and bright blue paint...not so much.
The window, on the other hand, is amazing.  The light in this house is a photographer's dream!

See my fireplace?  While its very cool, the brick is pinkish, not so cool.
It will be changed ASAP!  OOOhhhh....AAhhhhh...I know you're all jealous of my brass and fake wood ceiling fan.  Don't deny it, its okay, you can have it.  Really, its yours. 
But, see that huge window?  *sigh.....*

Okay, so I'll stop boring you with my house pics. 
I will get some food on the table pronto.
Thank you all for sticking around ;)


Just Jen said...

uhm. I don't mind if you do a new house Show'n'Tell. And that sink? PEAgreen. Totally.

Laurie and company said...

I say keep bringing the pics of the house too!! what a beautiful place and I know you will have a wonderful time making it your own.

many hugs xoxo

Rhonda/Get Lathered said...

That kitchen is remarkable, lol! I am excited to see how you remake these rooms --keep posting pics!

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

I love looking at pictures, especially before and after ones!
Michelle in NV


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