Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Candied Tangelo Buttercake w/Black Tea Buttercream

The first foodie post in our new home was inspired by a fellow blogger (, please go check out her beautiful blog for this recipe).
Her gorgeous cake was adorned with candied lemons...had I some lemons, so would mine.
Alas, lemonless, but determined nonetheless...I pressed on with the tangy tangelo.
Hello tangelo...
To candy the citrus, all you do is submerge them in a simmering syrup blend of:
2 c. water
2 c. sugar

Now, Martha Stewart says to place a round of parchment on top of the slices you've submerged in a saucepan and place a small cake pan on top of them to keep them under the simmering syrup.
My smarty pants daughter thought of a much simpler solution...if you have an old-school steamer insert, that is.

Genius, I tell ya.
Wish I'd thought of it.
Oh well, someone had to get the brains in the family.
An hour later, you get these....
Martha says to let them cool off and dry...meh, Martha Smartha.
So burning my fingers, I went ahead and used them on the cake.

The difference between my cake and the one featured on the other blog is that I just used a buttercream instead of a seven minute frosting.
Either way, its an impressive presentation that I think would "wow" any guests.
[insert "wow" here]
Then my daughter asked if I was done photographing the cake and as I was, this is what I came back to.
Utter sprinkle desecration, I say!


Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Oh wow! This is a gorgeous gorgeous cake!

ahnn said...

It's so amazing how you use oranges for your decoration. Very artistic.

Black Tea


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