Thursday, March 10, 2011

Potato and Cheese Pierogies

Im not Polish, but sometimes I wish I was!
Their comfort food is sublime, to say the least.
Pierogies are a little labor intensive, but your family will love you forever.

what you'll need my little misiaczkus:

•1 large egg, lightly whisked

•2 tablespoons sour cream

•1 cup milk

•2.5 - 3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for surface and dusting

(This dough recipe was adapted from Martha Stewart's mother's recipe, who in my humble opininon, had the best recipe ever.)

Mix the egg, sour cream and milk together, then add the flour to form a soft, slightly sticky dough ball.
This is easiest in a kitchen aid with the dough hook, if you've got one.
Depending on the weather, you may need a touch more flour, but go easy on it, you want the dough slightly sticky when finished.
Knead the ball a few turns to form a smooth surface.

Cover with plastic wrap and let rest at room temp for 45-60 mins.

Now, your dough is ready, let's roll!
Roll out pretty thin as shown above.
Now, its time to cut some circles, I used a large biscuit cutter.

I was able to get about 3 dozen circles.
There is quite a bit of dough left, but I never roll it back out, it just seems to come out to tough.
So, plan your circles nice and close together to get as many as possible.

I filled mine with a combination of leftover mashed potatoes, shredded cheddar, garlic, basil and pepper.

No more than a couple teaspoons per circle, then fold over around the filling, being careful not to get the filling in the seam.
Pinchy, pinchy!
As you form your pierogies, keep them covered under some plastic wrap so they don't dry out.

Drop them into salted boiling water, about 3-4 at a time.
Keep them moving, gently, so they don't stick to the bottom.
They will float to the top when they are done.  This takes about 2 minutes.

Let the boiled pierogies cool off, at this point, you can lay them out flat on a cookie sheet and flash freeze them, then drop the frozen pierogies into ziplocks for later use.
For the ones you want to use now, melt a couple tablespoons of butter in a saute pan with a handful of onion.
Get some nice brown edges on the onion, then move those over and add the boiled pierogies.
Saute on each side to get a nice crust, sprinkle with a little sea salt and enjoy!
I bet you'll wish you were a little Polish, too ;)


Rachel said...

These look and sound amazing! I didn't grow up eating pierogies but I have come to love them as an adult.

Rynn said...

Haha, so nice to see a foreign blogger post a well-known dish :) I just made a tutorial post about can also freeze them when they're uncooked, and then put them straight from the freezer into the boiling water :) Now I have a serious craving for them...

Also, I laughed so hard about "misiaczkus" :D

Noshings said...

thanks Rynn =)
I truly think these are kings among comfort food!
thanks for the freezing tip, I make these often and like to make a big batch to freeze for easy use =)

bzyglowi said...

I'm half Polish on my dad's side; every year growing up we had a holiday dinner with homemade pierogi, Polish sausage, cabbage & noodles, and cruellers (properly called cruscziki or something I think) and kolackzki cookies. It really is amazingly comforting food. :D

I'll have to try out this recipe; it looks a bit simpler than my family's standard recipe.


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