Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pining for Summer

Can I get some fellow feeling here?
Its snowing...again.
I want blue skies, warm breezes, green grass and cool, babbling brooks.

To make me even more season sick, Ive decided to post some photos taken back when it was warm.
This little get-to-gether had a theme.  Theme was you could bring anything you wanted to eat, but it had to be cooked over an open fire.
A little caveman bbq, if you will.

So, my creative friends came up with some great ideas.

There was grilled corn in the husk, chicken and beef kabobs, fish freshly caught from the lake, cheesy potatoes ("baked" in foil over the coals) and cinnamon rolls baked in hollowed out orange peel bowls (also in foil).
and beer.  and the peasants rejoiced.

The longest wait was letting the fire burn down to hot coals.
So, we played some cards and noshed some chips!
It was rough, but somehow we managed.

hope you enjoyed a few warm photos on this cold, winter day
plan your own campfire bbq, its a little challenging, but so much fun!
now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to shovel about 5 inches of snow off my driveway.

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