Thursday, January 27, 2011

How NOT to make cake donuts or Epic Fail #347

I had high hopes for my little cake donuts.
Millions are made everyday, they can't be that hard, right?
so horribly, pathetically wrong.

I began with a highly rated recipe for dark chocolate cake donuts.
The dough tasted pretty good!  Nice, right?

Here's where donut day started to go down hill, on a fast moving bicycle with no breaks.
The frying.
I think I got the oil too hot.
They were gooey on the inside and it was hard to tell when they were done, since they were dark brown to begin with.  Hence, they burned.
Yeah, that didn't go well.

Desperately, I thought, hey....bake them!
I hated to think of all that beautiful dark dutch cocoa going to waste.

People bake donuts all the time.  They do, really.
Just not like this.
How did they turn out?
Tragically, irrevocably, irreversibly boring.
Back to the drawing board, my friends.
If any of you have some tried and true recipes, please take pity on me and share.


Laurie and company said...

yum!! they look good to me!
how are ya?
by the way, you were right...#6 is a boy.

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Oh no.. Luckily Ive grown up frying things, so that's one thing I never worry about. You should try Lara's book on doughnuts out. There's a very nice chocolate doughnut recipe on the sophisticated gourmet.

Noshings said...

aww thanks, Avanika
I need a donut intervention =/

Jennifer said...

So my dear, try the apple fritters with bourbon ice cream on website. Heavenly!!That would be my donut recommendation. So nummy!


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