Monday, November 15, 2010


it sucks you in like a black hole
first, you think your point and shoot is ample
then you get a DSLR and you think you're Ansel Adams
finally, you get some decent glass and practice for a few years and you realize you aren't that great, but you're getting better.

each week, Im going to try to post some examples of my kind of photography
what can I say, Im an enabler!
 I hope to inspire you to take your camera out of its bag and shoot something
even if its just eggs from a local farm and a robin's nest you found in the backyard.
you can click on the photo if you'd like to see it full size  

camera:  Canon 40D
lens:  Canon 60mm 2.8 macro


The Urban Baker said...

beautiful photos!!

Noshings said...

aww tanks, UB!
I could say the same for your beautiful blog =)


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