Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uber Epic Fail #348

Let me preface this post by saying that I AM a cake baker.  I'd put my hand on a stack of Bibles to testify to the fact.  But, that didn't stop the epic failure that was about to commence as I ever so light-heartedly began to bake this afternoon.
Would you believe zombies attacked?  "want caaaaaaaaaaaake...."

A good friend of mine begged me for a cake.  And as I cannot seem to say "no" *facepalm*, I started a chocolate cake.
Now, lesson learned here...do not make a Texas Sheet Cake recipe in 8 inch round pans and expect them to come out of the pans in whole cake form.
I mean, why would you expect that?  I suppose its too much to ask for.
Every layer, and I mean EVERY layer came out in pieces.  Like my heart.

Im pretty sure I heard the universe giggling and I can almost guarantee you it was pointing as it giggled.

See how I tried to "glue" the cake hunks together with ganache?

Yep, Im uh perfeshonal.

I know, lets add some whipped cream!


I know, I know...sprinkles!
yep, sprinkles and chocolate covered espresso beans.
maybe with a caffeine induced psychotic buzz, no one will notice the fact that their slice of cake is more like a mound of pre-chewed mess.

 *in a desperate cake decorating frenzy, you'll believe anything.  and sprinkles are pretty.

Lesson #2?  #3?  I forget...but, whipped cream frosting and sprinkles can hide a multitude of crap.

When I took this cake outside to snap a pic, a gnat swarm of Biblical proportions flew straight at it.
I. kid. you. not.
Doomed from the beginning.
I warned everyone in the house not to open the frig and even breathe wrong or the cake, held together with a wing and a sprinkle, may implode and rip a hole in the time/space continuum.
Pray CakeWrecks doesn't see this.


megumi said...

too funny. haha. i too am a baker... and 2 out of 3 batches of cupcakes i made for a birthday came out meh... (they were recipes i had never tried before... instead of going with tried and true, my fault) :( even the icing was fighting with me and REFUSED to save the day for me.. i was highly disappointed.. and i'm sure the people who tasted my baking for the first time after hearing good comments about it were like ".. seriously, wtf." oh well.

but i must say, your icing job DEFINITELY saved that cake. it looks perfect anyway and i'm sure it tasted great too!

A Simple Thing said...

As someone who continually tries to make cakes in tins a lot smaller than the recipe calls for, I feel your pain.

Admittedly, this didn't stop me laughing like crazy at the image of the3 descending gnats.

But still. The empathy was there.

crustabakes said...

I guess it happens to all of us eh. I did enjoy the humour though. :)

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

Hehehe, I've had the same happen to me as well, apart from the insect attack ofcourse. I have to say, it was a great save though.


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