Thursday, May 6, 2010

Really, really, reallllly good frosting

chocolate, that is.
Its like a whipped ganache or mousse, quite lovely.
Your family will make yummy noises and sing your praises.

what you'll need:

~1 c. heavy cream (confession time, I only had half and half)
~2 Tbl. corn syrup
~pinch salt

~20 oz. semisweet chocolate, like Nestle's mini chips or chopped chocolate of your choice.

~1 tsp vanilla
~1 cup powdered sugar
~2 sticks butter, cut into pieces

Heat cream with corn syrup and salt on stove until simmering. (Can you handle another confession? I threw it in the microwave for about a minute or a little more until it was hot, but not boiling.)
Meanwhile, put chocolate pieces in your mixer bowl and with the mixer running add simmering cream mixture slowly and mix for one minute, until chocolate is melted.
I used the whisk attachment on my Kitchen Aid.

Add powdered sugar and vanilla and mix again.
Then, with mixer running, add butter one piece at a time, waiting until the piece is incorporated before adding another. Cool until thick and spreadable.
It will look like thin fudge until its cold.
Beat with an electric mixer for a few minutes before spreading.
It will lighten in color and get all whippy looking, like this!

Great on all flavors of cakes, I made chocolate...of course.
makes about 4 cups of frosting, maybe a titch less.
Keep refrigerated! I doubt it would handle high temps very well, not that it sticks around for very long.
Also, GREAT for cupcakes!


Carrie said...

So, it may seem silly to try to be "healthy" when making what sounds like a-ma-zing frosting, but I'm going to try. I really try not to use corn syrup (yeah, I'm one of those) - can you think of an alternative with this frosting?

Noshings said...

what's this word you speak of?

hmm...well, I suppose you could use honey, but it would alter the flavor some.
what'cha think?

Just Rhonda said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i hate regular butter cream but THIS sounds like it's up my alley!

kathy said...

WOW... the chocolate... holy moly.. this is the chocoholics dream... beautiful

twobusy said...

Do you think you could use something like simple syrup?

Noshings said...

hmm...perhaps twobusy, but it wouldn't thicken it up as much Id think.
if you try it, let me know what happens =)

Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] said...

This looks really, really, reallllly good :) I'm not a fan of super-sweet, super-rich frostings, so this looks perfect!

notoriousexperiments said...

thisi looks really really good and so perfect! Definitely something i'm making!

joy mcelroy said...

HA! Look how late to the party I am! Guess there's no cake left. :) The lovely little white squiggles on this beautiful chocolate creation...are those melted white chocolate or bark or...? Thanks!

Noshings said...

hello Joy, thanks for stopping by!
These squiggles were made from melting white chocolate chips with a smidgeon of shortening to help with the melting process. Then they were piped on some parchment and chilled in frig. easy peasy!

Pennguin said...

I realize the question about corn syrup substitute is quite old, but I substituted agave syrup in the same amount and it turned out beautifully!

Pennguin said...

I realize the comment about corn syrup substitute is quite old, but I substituted agave syrup in the same amount and it turned out beautifully!


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