Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brown Sugar Pancake/Waffle Syrup

The first time I had some brown sugar syrup over my fluffy, hot pancakes, I thought "where has this been all my life??"
So, when you find yourself out of that wretched stuff marked "maple syrup" when in reality it is only flavored corn syrup, make some of this.
You may never go back to maple!

what you'll need:

~2 c. brown sugar (I used light)
~1 c. water
~4 T. butter, unsalted
~1/2 tsp. salt
~2 tsp. vanilla

Add all but vanilla to small saucepan, bring to boil while whisking to dissolve the sugar. Let boil rapidly over medium heat for a full 3 minutes.
Immediately remove from heat, whisk in vanilla and let cool for a couple minutes until serving.

To keep, I poured the excess into a canning jar to place in the frig. (DO NOT stir it as it cools, it will form grainy sugar crystals in the syrup.) It will thicken up quite a bit, but you can pop in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up before serving next time.

oh, its sooo good...


Maris Modesto said...

And it's so simple to make, too! I don't like these store-bought maple syrups myself. So I would really make this one, and I'm not only gonna use it for pancakes. I would also use it on cupcakes or anything that I think would work well with it. Thanks for sharing!

Noshings said...

it really is divine
Ive found another syrup recipe that I want to try soon, anything other than fake maple, eh? =)

Jason & Nicole said...

Just made this and it was delicious!! I think this is my new go to surup!!

Noshings said...

Im so glad to hear it! There is another pancake/waffle syrup that Ive been meaning to post, its a buttermilk caramel syrup, easy and OH so good!
thanks for stopping by =)


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