Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making a Rainbow Cake!

These are so fun, you'll want to pee yourself!
Ok, maybe not that, but you know.
Kids LOVE these!

Please read the whole recipe and info before starting....I have a few flashbacks and some flashsideways so, its best to take it all in before you start.

Easy cake part:
(you can use a scratch cake here too, me lazy today. You'll need a thick battered cake, hence the sour cream pound cake-ish type here)

1 white cake mix (if its lumpy, sift it)
1 c. water
1/2 c. sour cream (I had light on hand, just don't use fat free plz)
1/2 c. vegetable oil
3 eggs

Now, after you've mixed this up well, separate the batter into however many colors you'd like. I used disposable 16 oz. drinking cups and made all 6 colors of the rainbow.
Then, I colored each portion with Wilton gel colors, liberally, to get vibrant shades. (You'll need a little more batter for the first color poured than the last.)
This is where you can get creative with your colors, make aqua, pink and brown if you'd like, anything will work!

In a greased and floured 8" round cake pan, pour the first color of your choice, spread it evenly with a spatula to the edges of the pan. Continue with the next color, but don't worry about spreading it, just pour it in a circular motion onto the first color, leaving a border of that first color that you can see, a good inch or so. Just keep pouring the colors into the center of the color before it. In the cake above, I only used 1/2 a cake mix and used one 6" cake pan for one cake, so I poured all six colors into one pan. But, if you use an entire cake mix recipe, you'll need two 8" pans. What Id do in that case is pour 3 colors into one pan, then continue with the next 3 colors in the next pan. Then when you stack the cakes, you'll have the entire rainbow.

Once your colors are poured, they should look like a bullseye in your pan.
Bake them off at 350* till the middle springs back when touched.
I sliced off the dome top after it cooled.

Stack and ice them as desired. I used decorator's whipped cream icing (Bettercreme), because I'm lazy. lol

Next, the decorating! This is called a frozen buttercream transfer.
First, I printed out an inverted smilie with a spoon logo
(remember your image will be a mirror image because it will be done backwards...basically any color book image could be used...think of the possiblities!
Ive done Pooh, Precious Moments, Nemo, etc.)
tape that to a piece of cardboard
put a piece of glass over that (like from a picture frame)
then tape a piece of wax paper on top of that

Get your icing (I used a simple 1c. shortening to 3c. powdered sugar with enough milk to make it the consistency of toothpaste) ready, coloring a little black, a little yellow, a VERY little red and leaving the rest white
w/ a tiny icing tip (#3) and the black icing, outline your image.
(freeze again)

Put the whole sha-bang in the freezer to set up
then start filling in like a coloring book picture (you may have to thin down your icing a little so it fills in smoothly)
first the yellow face and red drips from spoon (I used a #10 for yellow, #3 for red) (freeze again)

Now fill a bag with the white and a #10
and fill in the teef, hat and spoon
then add another layer of white over the whole thing
(freeze again)

Once your image is very frozen, very carefully untape it from the glass
invert over the top of your cake, centering as well as you can and place on top
peel off wax paper.

Voila! moist, dense rainbow yumminess!
Smash your face in this puppy and go running down the street in a gold jumpsuit singing showtunes.


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